Major & Minor Repairs

Our highly trained team of mechanics are ready to help and assist you in maintaining your car. Our services include periodical maintenance, AC repair, general electrical repair, suspension and steering, brakes, unit repairs & quick oil change. We can also provide you with engineering report for your future car.


Diagnosing & Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your car? We can trace the problem and provide you with the solution. Using the proper / advanced diagnosing tools for your vehicle. Troubleshooting includes fuel injection system, modern ignition system, ABS system, SRS system, EPS system, body control, multiplex system.


Engine & Gearbox Rebuilds

Our Knowledge of engine build do not stop at “best practice”. We do our own research and development at race tracks and provide our valuable customer the best build for his needs if it’s going to be for a race car, endurance, drag or even a simple road car. Our highly qualified engine builder can make it happen

Third party services

Other services include

  • Injector flushing
  • Wheel balance & alignment
  • Tire fitment, glass tint
  • Body polish
  • Interior & exterior cleaning.


Our state of the art Mustang 500 AWD Dyno has a dedicated space of 2600 sq.ft in the workshop, with proper ventilation system. We provide services like Dyno Tunes, Dyno Runs, using AEM electronics, COBB, ECUtek, HONDATA, Uprev & many more. We are able to re-flash your OEM ECU, install a piggy back or stand alone ECU.


Tuning & Modifying

We provide customers though out the GCC support and advice. Building race cars from ground up or building your ultimate road car.

Body & Paint Shop

Paint quality is usually the first thing that people notice when they see a car. The shine and quality of the paint gives the car it’s overall image.To ensure this quality we have our own dedicated body shop which includes a professional paint both using high quality tools & materials. Our staff with over 10 years of experience can fix, modify or restore your car.


Performance Parts Shop

If you want to upgrade your brakes or suspension for the next track day at Dubai Autodrome or want to go a bit faster on your next drag race at Yas Marina circuit our team will help you choose the best high performance parts for your vehicle.