TRD 86 Cup Round4


TRD 86CUP took place on March 19 at Dubai Autodrome. It was first time for 86CUP to be out of their home base. For some racers Dubai Autodrome is a home track where they learned how to drive on track and practiced their race lines, so it was very competitive and challenging weekend.


Top 3 qualifiers were KARIM AL AZHARI, SAM TAHERI and AHMED AL MELAIHI, in qualifying Karim did the best time of the day 1:40.800.

In race 1 spectators saw 2 leaders of the day with a solid gap from other driver: KARIM AL AZHARI & SAM TAHERI (finished just 0.334 sec behind Karim), ABDULLA AL KHELAIFI came third with 17.442 sec gap.


Race 2 is the one that will be remembered by spectators. Contact between MOHAMMED ABDUL GHAFFAR(n76) and EDY SAAIBY(n12) left EDY stationary in the middle of the track and with red flag out all drivers caught up and the challenge started with the green flag. Just before the end of the race in last lap with checked flag in mind everyone pushed their limits and it ended with an accident between 3 cars TOM VERKOOIJEN(n77), MOHAMMED ABDUL GHAFFAR(n76) and SHIBIN YOUSAF(n44). In the podium we saw familiar faces from previous race KARIM AL AZHARI, SAM TAHERI and AHMED AL MELAIHI.


Next round will take place on 9-10 April at Yas Marina, it will be last race in this season and we hope all racers will show their best before going for summer break.